From Russia with love
The most beloved Šašlik’s classics

For Šašlik's menu we have chosen the most beloved Šašlik’s classics of yesteryears, not forgetting the well-known classics of the Russian cuisine. Over the years our classic dishes have been enjoyed by both the royals and the famous rock stars as well as quests from all over the world.

The menu includes classics of the Russian cuisine such as Borsch, Caviar, Pelmeni, Blini, Pickled Russian cucumber and Zakuska appetizers. Also Šašlik's most beloved classic dishes like Ivan's Sword, Spiced beef Šašlik style and Baked Alaska have remained on the menu throughout the years. Šašlik is also world famous for its exotic bear dishes as well as Blinis which are served year-round.
Welcome to fall in love with our beloved classics!

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