Fluffy and crispy blinis

Traditionally the blini season takes place in January-February but at Šašlik you can enjoy delicious blinis throughout the year! Our buckwheat blinis are always freshly fried in clarified butter, light and fluffy on the inside and crispy on the outside. The delicious blinis are made according to Šašlik’s recipe since 1972! Blinis are always served with melted butter, smetana, red onion and chopped egg. In addition you can choose different kinds of fish roe, caviar or as vegetarian option seaweed caviar.

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Exotic bear meat

Šašlik is world famous for its exotic bear meat dishes.  This rarely served meat of the King of the Forests has been on Šašlik’s menu year-round already for almost 50 years. Currently our à la carte includes Bear pelmeni, Ground bear skewer, Bear speciality of the day and Tasty tidbit of slow-braised bear meat in rich braising stock.

The brown bear is nowadays protected in Finland but it’s allowed to be hunted during the hunting season from 20th August until end of October. The Finnish bears are bought to Šašlik during the hunting season and they always have a veterinarian’s certificate on trichinae and the Cites certificate required for selling a bear. At the moment Finland’s brown bear population is estimated to be around 2000 bears. Each year approx. 250-350 bears are hunted according to annual licenses granted by the Finnish Wildlife Agency. Most of bears are hunted in Eastern Finland, where the bear population is most concentrated.

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